Title and Acronym: Maritime and Coastal SustainaBLE Tourism in the Mediterranean – Community building, Communication and Capitalisation /BleuTourMed_C3

Programme: INTEREG MED 2013-2020Managing Authority PACA Region (France)

Project financed by the European Union : Co- financing rate: 85%

Lead partner: Arco Latino (Spain)

Partners: Diputació de Barcelona (Spain), Plan Bleu (France), UNIMED (Italy), PANTEION – University of Aegean (Greece), Adriatic and Ionian Euro-region (Croatia)

Project description

Built on a transnational partnership with strong knowledge and experience on integrated coastal management and sustainable tourism policies, BleuTourMed_C3 aims at supporting and ensuring synergies between the modular projects selected under the SO3.1 with the objective of creating a cluster of projects able to enhance jointly solutions for the protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources in the Med area through a coherent strategy of Community Building, Communication & Capitalisation.

The project will develop monitoring and community building activities aiming at collecting the main results of the Modular Projects(MPs) as at stimulating the co-ownership of data and results among them.

It will be also in charge of processing these results for the implementation of the policy framework regarding Coastal and Maritime sustainable tourism (MSP, ICZM, UNEP-MAP, Integrated regional development policies on sustainable tourism), as to elaborate a common Communication and Capitalisation strategy for their dissemination. The project will develop 2 main channels to transfer and disseminate the projects’ cluster outputs. The first one will be at a programme level, technically with the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Med Programme and creating synergies specifically with Specific Objectives 3.2 and axis 4. The second channel will target the main MED and EU decision makers.

Main Responsibility of the Euroregion

Ensuring the capitalization in the IPA and at EU level, especially in promoting the capitalization in the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion.

Main activities also with other partners:

  • Defining the communication strategy and the construction of the projects community, capitalization projects;
  • Organization of 1 capitalization event and contribution to the other project events.
  • Participation and contribution to the realization of the Kickoff, midterm and final conference and other seminars (1 of these will be organized by Euroregion in Croatia);
  • Contribution to the Media Strategy Platform (Production of leaflets, video strategy, brochures, web animation, social media).
  • Publications on relevant topics in the field of protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources.
  • Scientific platform-database (database will be an internal tool for the cluster of projects. It will enable the projects access to the results and data produced by the previous Med programme projects in the field of sustainable tourism).
  • Policy paper/statement

Duration: from 1st November 2016 to 31th October 2019

Project length: 36 Months

Web site: https://sustainable-tourism.interreg-med.eu/