Med Cooperation Alliance: Statement in response to the European Commission and the High Representative Communication on a “Renewed partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood. A new Agenda for the Mediterranean”

The Mediterranean Cooperation Alliance welcomes the New Agenda for the Mediterranean stressing the importance of Local and Regional authorities’ involvement and the centrality of multilevel coordination.

Download here the document: Statement MedCoopAlliance_MedAgenda

Declaration Med Cooperation Alliance

The declaration calls networks active in the Euro-Mediterranean region to redouble their efforts towards better integrated macro-regional strategies and stronger cooperation instruments, in order to build a common, more cohesive and co-owned Euro-Mediterranean region. (February 2019). See here the related post.

Download here the document: EN-Mediterranean-Cooperation-Alliance

Athens Declaration for a Sustanable Tourim in MED Area 

The declaration represents the first joint effort of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community calling for a greater engagement of all the key actors and stakeholders of the tourism sector for promoting a sustainable tourism in MED area. 

Download here the document: MED Sutainable Tourism_Athens Declaration

COM&CAP MarInA-Med Final Policy Paper “For an Integrated Approach in the Mediterranean Area”

Policy paper focused on Integrated Maritime issues, developed by COM&CAP MarInA-Med Project and endorsed by the AIE General Assembly in Milan on 21 September 2015.

Download here the document / download here the Annexes

   Position paper Milano EXPO “Feeding the planet, Energy for Life”

The AIE General Assembly held in Milan on 21 September 2015 has endorsed the Charter of Milan in order to work together to define the best conditions for political decisions for the benefit of the entire Adriatic-Ionian macro-area concerning the guide lines of EXPO 2015 and contributing in a concrete and essential way to achieve the aims of the EUSAIR strategy.

Download here the Position Paper: Position EAI _ EXPO and EUSAIR_EN.pdf  / posizione EAI su EXPO e EUSAIR.pdf

Contribution of the AIE to the EUSAIR Consultation Process (Jan 2014) 

Download here the document: EAI for EUSAIR.pdf


Approved by the X General Assembly, Rome, 14th January 2015

Download here the document: JOINT Statement of AIE on EUSAIR Governance

TableTable_AIE events on EUSAIR

POSITION PAPER of the Conference “EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region and Synergies with the EU Direct Funding Programmes”

Conference held in Brussels on 26 June 2014 at the Committee of the Region,

Download here the document: POSITION PAPER CONFERENCE CoR