Join to the network of the Euroregion

Regions and local authorities (units of territorial self-government) located on the Adriatic and Ionian area, you certainly have your place in the AIE association and a role to play within our network !!


In brief, what the AIE has to offer

– Experience (10 year of Long-standing) with a professional and articulated Secretariat;
– Lobbying, interlocution with EU Institutions and other relevant organizations of the geographical area;
– Networking, specifically with High-level events (such as conference, workshop and trainings), EU financed projects.

How to become a member of the association

The Region sends an official letter requesting membership to the AIE Secretariat, accepting the Statute, as well as, the fundamental purpose of the organization.

Membership applications are considered by the Executive Committee that will propose to the AIE Assembly the decision on new membership. The Assembly meets at least once a year and it is the body in charge to approve the new applications for membership. After the decision of the General Assembly, the region or local authority is formally accepted into membership.

As initial step, send an official letter requesting for membership and signed by the regional or local authority to the AIE Secretariat:

Secretariat of Adriatic Ionian Euroregion
Via Crispi n.1e
86100 – Campobasso (Italy)

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