General Secretariat

It is managed by the Secretary General appointed by the Assembly on the proposal of the President of AIE. Elected for a term of three years to carry out administrative work of AIE.

The Secretary General keeps the register of members and their representatives and deputies in the Assembly and is responsible for the orderly conduct of business records and financial reports according to current regulations.

Administrative and financial tasks are typically performed by the Secretariat and may be delegated to other bodies. The organization and manner of performing duties and tasks the Secretary General and Secretariat, qualifications, experience and number of staff in the Secretariat are defined by the Executive Committee.

The operational headquarters of the secretariat of AIE defines the General Assembly on the President’s suggestion.

The Secretariat has the administrative liaison office with the European Union institutions in Brussels (Belgium), at Rue de Toulouse no. 47.


  • Organizes and coordinates the activities, initiatives and activities of AIE;
  • Assist the work of bodies of AIE and support the implementation of their activities;
  • Contribute to the preparation of the agenda of the session of the Assembly and Steering Committee and prepare AIE sessions;
  • Performs technical and administrative duties;
  • Provides organizational support to the program of activities adopted by the AIE Assembly by promotion and by encouraging cooperation between Member States;
  • Carries out activities related to the preparation and control of their execution.


photo of AIE secretay general_Franesco CoccoFrancesco COCCO, Secretary General


He was born in Campobasso on 21/01/1966. He has managed, since the beginning of 2013, the preparation and implementation of activities outlined by the statute of the association dealing with the staff of the AIE secretariat. He is keeping relationship between the members and the Presidency and with national and international institutions. He has a consistent professional experience in technical and administration management  in the framework of the EU co-financed cross-border and transnational programmes and he has been the project manager of AdriGov an IPA Adriatic CBC funded project.

Adriatic Ionian Euroregion (AIE) – Secretariat
Secretariat Office: Via Crispi n. 1e – 86100 – Campobasso, Italy
Phone: +39 0874 19 61 470