Would you like to work for the Secretariat of the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion?
Check regularly this section and click on the link of the job, internship and tender that you might be interested in

If no recruitment is open, AIE is always interested in searching talented people who would like to join us. So you can however send your CV to the following address: secretariat@adriaticionianeuroregion.eu 

In order to guarantee equal opportunities in the selection process, applications must be submitted in the following format and order:

Short Cover Letter (max. one page in English) explaining the reasons why you consider yourself to be the ideal candidate for the Euroregion.
CV in Europass format in English.
– The letter and the CV may be submitted in the same or two different files but, in any case, must be in PDF format.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the Secretariat for interviews.



Closed Job Calls and Tenders

Year 2023

Selection Procedure: Project assistant to join the Secretariat team

Year 2022

Selection procedure: Service provider needed for project events

Selection Procedure: External Service for AI-NURECC PLUS

Selection Procedure: Project Assistant

Service provider for AI-NURECC PLUS initiative

Year 2021

Selection Procedure: Service Provider for E-CITIJENS

Selection Procedure: Service provider for AI-NURECC PLUS

Selection Procedure: Communication activities for E-CITIJENS

Selection Procedure: Two project Assistants needed          

Selection Procedure: Specialist on Sustainable Tourism project

Year 2020

Selection Procedure: Support for the implementation of Sustainable Tourism Project with the provision of Transferring and Capitalisation services

Selection of financial and administrative consultant to support the financial management and the reporting for ST project

Call for tenders: Procurement of ICT equipment for the Projects E-Citizens and Sustainable Tourism

Year 2019

Selection of Catering service for the conference “Fostering Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean Region” on 9 October 2019 in Brussels (Bleutourmed_C3 project), September 2019

Selection Procedure: Provision of Communication and Research Services for E-CITIJENS

Call for expert, Position for Project Assistant – Croatian Mother tongue, Bleutourmed_C3, April 2019

Selection of the hotel in Split able to provide conference rooms and catering service for the Workshops of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community on 26-27-28 March 2019 in Split (Croatia), February 2019

Year 2018

Selection procedure for the organisation of AI-NURECC Infoday on 10 December 2018 in Campobasso, November 2018

Call for expert, Position for Project Assistant, Bleutourmed_C3, October 2018

Call for expert, Position for Communication Manager, Blue Kep project, March 2018

Call for expert, Position for Interreg Med Project on Sustainable Tourims, January 2018

Year 2016

Call for experts, three positions for Interreg Med project on sustainable tourism, November 2016

Call for experts, one position for Interreg Med project on sustainable tourism, October 2016