Month: September 2008


Agenda-Events-News FINAL CONFERENCE OF THE PROJECT INTERREG III A ITALIA – ADRIATICO/NPPA “ADRI.EUR.O.P.” The Veneto Region will host in Rovigo, at the Accademia dei Concordi, on 10th September 2008, the final conference of the project Interreg III A Italia – Adriatico/NPPA “Adri.Eur.O.P.”; , during which the outputs and results of “Adri.Eur.O.P.”’ will be presented. The Conference will also represent a relevant opportunity to analyze prospects of future and sustainable cooperation in the Adriatic area.Download all the documentation concerning the event. THE FINAL CONFERENCE OF THE PROJECT ADRI.EUR.O.P. – ROVINJ (CROATIA) The final Conference of the project Adri.Eur.O.P. implemented by...

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Project bodies

Institutional Technical Committee (ITC) The Institutional Technical Committee of Project which will coordinate the AE political-institutional level and the project management level, in order to assist the setting up of the AE. For the entire duration of the project, this will comprise: – The representative of the Leading Partner Region: the Coordinator of Project – A representative for each partner from the Adriatic region – A representative for each EAC partner ITC must coordinate with the Italian and international government institutions, which will be invited to the meetings as observers, on the basis of the indications provided by AE...

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Operational plan

The project is organised with 9 Workpackages (WPs) intended to carry on specific work and produce tangible results. Each WP is coordinated by one partner therefore all partners are involved in achieving the objectives of the project.   WP 1 – Coordination of Project. WP 2 – Training Activities WP 3 – Definition of a shared knowledge framework in the AE fields of interest. Final event. WP 4 – Acknowledgement and systematization of the main cooperation interventions and representations in the AE regions. Organizing the dissemination of project results. WP 5 – Setting up learning workshops and networks on...

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Adri.Eur.O.P. arise from the collaboration between all seven Italian Adriatic regions, the Istrian County and the municipality of Kotor. Italian partners Lead Partner The Region of Molise The Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia The Region of Veneto The Region of Emilia Romagna The Region of Marche The Region of Abruzzo The Region of Puglia Croatian partner The Istrian County Montenegro partner The Municipality of Kotor...

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The Project Adri.Eur.O.P.

The project ADri.EuR.O.P. aims to offer operational support (in technical-administrative terms) to the political process for the establishment of an institutional body of the Adriatic Euroregion (AE), created in order to promote development to be coordinated and integrated in territories in the Adriatic regions. The project ADri.EuR.O.P. aims to realize the activities necessary for the start-up of the Adriatic Euroregion in the short term. The main activities, which will be integrated and shall be implemented by all partners, can be outlined as follows: Support to work coordination between the cross-border bodies involved in the AE project. Relationships with international...

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