The Secretariat of the Euroregion is ready to give its contribution for the organisation of the kick-off event of the Thematic Community on Sustainable Tourism. The event will take place in Marseille (France) on 16 &17 of March 2017, organized by the MED Horizontal project BleuTourMed_C3. The Euroregion is partner of this project coordinated by the Latin Arc, to support Maritime and Coastal Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean Region.

The kick-off meeting is the first effective opportunity for partners from all modular Interreg MED projects on Sustainable Tourism to get together as a community of projects and stakeholders.

The main aim of this event will be to foster dialogue, exchanges and synergies among projects to build a common workflow for the community. Modular Projects will have the chance to meet, present themselves and start working together.

The strategic guidelines defined by BleuTourMed_C3 for the Communication and Capitalisation of the MPs will be presented during the KoM. The Community will also validate the common 2017 Calendar of activities and events. The Kick-off meeting will also offer a parallel working-group session where MPs will analyze together the challenges of the projects towards Sustainable Tourism and define the roadmap of three identified sub-thematic groups. 

For further information, follow @MEDCommunity3_1 on Twitter!