The Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion is an associate partner of the project COM&CAP Marina-Med. The Lead Partner of the project is the Government of Catalonia, while the other partners are: Molise Region, the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, Arco Latino and the French Agency for sustainable Mediterranean cities and territories (AVITEM)

The project deals with the communication and capitalization of the 13 projects selected under the last call of the Med programme 2007-2014 about the Integrated Maritime Approach issue.

More information about the project are available at the following link:

The project partners have published  the “newsletter #0, where it is possible to find additional materials about the kick off meeting hold in Marseille and the presentation of the Maritime projects already financed by the last call of the Med programme.

For the contents of the newsletter, please see the following link.

For further information about the first capitalization seminar on fisheries, which will be held in Termoli (Italy) on 29th – 30th October 2014, please see the link.