The implementation of the 4PILLARS will be carried out by Molise Region as lead partner in collaboration with all project partners, already experienced in IPA CBC projects. The activities will be divided into 3 WPs coordinated by a different partners and each WP coordinator will be responsible for drawing up a bimonthly report.

WP1 is devoted to the Project management and Coordination and it will be led by Molise Region. It will run throughout the project lifetime in order to ensure administrative and financial management, including reporting, communication with and among partners as well as payments distribution even if each partner will be fully responsible for the expenses occurring for its participation to the project.

WP2 is devoted to the communication and dissemination activities, it will be led by Dubrovnik Neretva County in order to ensure the results exploitation. 5 international meetings involving stakeholders will be organized for spreading information about EUSAIR and project results.

WP3 ‘Technical implementation’ led by Marche Region, starting from a stakeholder mapping and conducting a survey through interviews and multiple-choice questionnaires on multi-level governance related to the 4 EUSAIR pillars, will realize a policy paper with recommendations to targeted beneficiaries and EU Institutions and a feasibility study on the creation of a permanent observatory on multi-level governance processes of the 8 territories affected by EUSAIR.

Moreover an e-learning platform open to any interested stakeholders will distribute training and e-learning modules, realized with digitalized material from IPA capitalized projects, that allows to track attendance at the courses.

After identification of all main databases and sources of data, will be released an open data system where to put at disposal information coming from capitalized projects in open format, setting up the environment to re-use among different users, avoiding duplication.