Month: January 2016

Connecting the Adriatic Area, the TEN-T Network

The completion of the Baltic – Adriatic Corridor including the extension of the entire dorsal Adriatic – Ionic, the extension of the Scandinavian – Mediterranean Corridor from north to south, as well as a better connection between the Iberian Peninsula, Italy and the Western Balkans, are the central themes of the working day that the Abruzzo region will organize in Pescara the 15th of January 2016. In the precence of the highest national and European authorities, the greatest personalities in the Macroregion Adriatic – Ionian, MEPs, some actuators of the transport and infrastructure sectors, there will be the signature of a connectivity agreement in the Adriatic that will enable regions and other relevant bodies to jointly plan European added value actions in the Adriatic – Ionian area. As indicated in the EU Regulation. 1315/2013 for the development of Trans-European Transport Network, the Commission takes into account the national implementation plans and the future enlargements. This day will mark the transition from political idea to the project implementation. After the event there will be a meeting of the Presidency of the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion in order to plan the further activities of the...

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Jobs & Tenders

 Would you like to work for the Secretariat of the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion? Check regularly this section and click on the link of the job, internship and tender that you might be interested in If no recruitment is open, AIE is always interested in searching talented people who would like to join us. So you can however send your CV to the following address:  In order to guarantee equal opportunities in the selection process, applications must be submitted in the following format and order: – Short Cover Letter (max. one page in English) explaining the reasons why you...

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