The Adriatic Ionian Euroregion is organising the webinar “A Greener, carbon free EU”, the third of a series of events launched in the context of Youth for Cohesion project.

The webinar will take place on 29/11/2021 from 16:15 to 18:10 (CET) via the GoToMeeting platform.

The webinar will be focused on providing an overview of the EU’s policy priorities and development strategy as linked to the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A macroregional perspective with insights about EUSAIR Pillar 1 “Blue Growth” will be provided, followed by two regional experiences from Emilia-Romagna Region (IT) and Ionian Islands Region (EL). Experiences from young environmental activists will stimulate discussion about the role of youth in climate action.

By following this event, participants will get an understanding of how the EU Green Deal is relaunching the economy after Covid19, as well as the role of blue economy-blue growth in building a more sustainable economic and productive system. Also, they will learn how Adriatic Ionian regions are harnessing the blue potential of the Adriatic Ionian Sea for a sustainable recovery. Lastly, they will get the opportunity to meet young climate activists that made their voice heard by participating in international climate negotiations.

Agenda: Y4C_Greener Europe_agenda

Download here the presentations:

The YOUTH4COHESION action receives funding from the European Union