A conference about “The role of regional Authorities in the promotion of European citizenship” was held in Pula on 18th April 2013. The event is part of the European project AdriGov (Adriatic Operational Governance Plan). The meeting was organized, in Istria, to talk about the experience in international cooperation and to discuss about AdriGov project.

As a moderator of the discussion on strategies to strengthen partnerships in the context of international cooperation, for the region Molise, was present the Secretary General of the Euroregion Adriatic-Ionian Francesco Cocco. An opportunity to strengthen cooperative relationships and to discuss about AdriGov – Operational Plan for Governance in the Adriatic – which aims to strengthen cooperation between the territories ofAdriatic, to enhance competitiveness in a context of development sustainable in the Adriatic and Ionian macro-region and to prepare the area to a future accession to the EU.