This catalogue presents the most important outputs of the projects implemented within the Sustainable Tourism Community (STC) of the INTERREG MED 2014 – 2020 programme. The document was drafted by the horizontal project Sustainable Tourism, financed by the Interreg Med Programme, in which the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion is partner of the project.

The selection of outputs was made on the basis of better promoting common integrated actions that could boost the sustainable and responsible development of coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean region. To do so, a collaborative process driven by the Sustainable Tourism Horizontal project through constant communication and exchange with each project individually took place. In total 41 outputs have been identified representing 15 projects. The catalogue includes a series of the most tangible outputs produced by the STC which can be further used for transferring and capitalization purposes.

The ultimate goal of this catalogue is to promote the outcomes of the STC in order to assist their transferring to different areas of the Mediterranean and incorporation in tourism related policies at various spatial scales. To facilitate the wider application of the outputs, some critical information regarding their attributes is provided.

Policy targets: Each output is related to expected results that could help potential stakeholders, willing to adopt it, to fulfill various policy targets in tourism but also in other domains. In total 12 policy targets have been identified by the STC as better expressing the directions on which projects have worked during their lifetime. This information is critical so as to understand the utility of adopting an output, especially with regard to shaping operational programmes for the period 2021-2027.

Purpose: A short description and purpose of each output is provided including information on the tool’s usefulness and the needs and challenges it addresses.

Implementation areas: A map with the pilot areas where the output was tested and transferred is provided and a brief example of the implementation results is presented so as to showcase the applicability of the proposed outputs and the types of destinations they address.

Stakeholders involved: Some information about the engagement of essential stakeholders for the successful implementation of the output is also provided.

Replicability: The replicability conditions for the transferring of the outputs are briefly described including human resources, infrastructure, software and other conditions needed for the effective implementation of the outputs.

Recovery: A summary of how each specific output could contribute to the recovery of the tourism sector from the pandemic crisis.

Although the projects have developed a large number of outputs, the ones presented here are selected as being the easiest to be replicated. Therefore, readers are encouraged to dive deeper into the projects’ outputs in order to find additional information that could be useful for their efforts for making Mediterranean a more sustainable place. The mission of the STC Horizontal project partnership is to support the replication of the Community’s results and ensure its effectiveness.

Download HERE the Catalogue