During the Executive Committee meeting of the Adriatic Euroregion which was held in Brussels the 11th of June 2007, it was decided that the electoral Assembly meeting of the Adriatic Euroregion will take place the 20-21st September 2007 in the District of Shkoder (Albania).

Welcome speech of the President of the Regional Council of Shkodra

Dear colleagues,
Dear participants of the third Conference of the Adriatic Euroregion,

The fact that the executive committee has decided to make the third conference of the Adriatic Euro region in the Region of Shkodra is a great estimation for us and at the same time a responsibility for the smooth course of its proceedings.

I wish to welcome you and hope to feel yourself like your home.

The Region of Shkodra, known for its unique beauty of nature, reachable in rivers, lakes, mountains, forests and Adriatic coast, with its different beauty interlaced with its ancient history and the cultural tradition, offers great opportunities in natural and cultural tourism development, which is related closely with transport development and especially with rural development.

The Region of Shkodra, has always been known for the tradition in fishing, handicrafts and the commerce with the neighbors and all Adriatic coast regions. During the years through Shkodra Lake and Adriatic Sea, it has been a related bridge of transport and commerce.
The small port at Buna Bridge has done this work quite well and soon waits to be in function too.
The protection of the environment is in our focus of work. There are improvements, but still we are away from European standards.
The opening of the new places of work through foreign investments is also another priority of our Government and our region.
We feel lucky that the problems I mentioned above are the objectives of Adriatic Euro Regions. It is important to make every common effort that this strong organization make the marketing of great opportunities which our region offers. The coordination of the activities for the necessary intervention will be at mutual utility.

We hope that this meeting which will take place in Shkodra, will help not only for the initiative of concrete activities with common goals, but also for the strengthening of the collaboration and friendship through the regions of Adriatic coast.

Prof. ass.Dr. Gjovalin KOLOMBI
President of the Regional Council of Shkodra

Shkoder, me 27.08.2007