The Veneto Region is organising a series of online meetings targeting local high-school students as part of the E-CITIJENS “Citizens Awareness Raising Campaign”. The Info Days are aimed at enhancing students’ knowledge about the role and activities of emergency structures in Veneto as well as at stimulating their active participation during occurrences, especially in relation to the proper use of social media.

The meetings, that will take place online, will begin on 19 February 2021 and will continue throughout 2021, involving several groups of high-school students from Veneto. 

The Veneto Region has organised livestreams from regional and local civil protection operations room (regional Civil Protection, 115 – firefight service and 118 – emergency rooms), through which students will get to understand how civil protection structures manage occurring emergencies, virtually tour the rooms and their equipment and machineries.

Also, thanks to the participation of social media communication experts, they will learn the responsible use of social media during emergencies and will be introduced to the E-CITIJENS Emergency Decision Support System (EDSS) Platform, which represents one of the main outputs of the project.

More info at: E-CITIJENS website