Institutional Technical Committee (ITC)

The Institutional Technical Committee of Project which will coordinate the AE political-institutional level and the project management level, in order to assist the setting up of the AE. For the entire duration of the project, this will comprise:
– The representative of the Leading Partner Region: the Coordinator of Project
– A representative for each partner from the Adriatic region
– A representative for each EAC partner

ITC must coordinate with the Italian and international government institutions, which will be invited to the meetings as observers, on the basis of the indications provided by AE regarding project management. Two representatives from the above-mentioned institutions may be invited to the committee meetings.
ICT must approve the project guide-lines and maintain and develop contacts with local and national authorities in the area. The Committee must:
– Support the political process what will bring to the constitution of the administrative structure of the Adriatic Euroregion.
– Define the guide-lines for the realization of the Operational Plan
– Monitor its implementation through the evaluation of Project Management Unit reports
– Propose collaborations with bodies from both the private and third sector
The Committee will be convoked periodically during the implementation of the project in order to plan activities (according to schedule and methods) and evaluate the progress. The Committee will be guided by streamlined and sound internal regulations.

Project Management Unit (PMU)

The PMU will be the operational technical point for managing the project. The task of the PMU is to realize and implement a project Operational Plan, by implementing the ITC indications. It will be composed as following:
– N. 1: a representative from the Leading Partner Region: PMU Coordinator
– The coordinators of the single WP who wish to become members of the Unit
The project coordinator will rely on internal and external civil servants in order to carry out the PMU tasks.

PMU will have the following roles:
– Organization of “the kick off” of the project.
– Definition of a detailed Operational Plan of the project activities, including logistics and the division of tasks. The inspiring principle will be the realization of a close cooperation between partners as a territory of reference in order to optimize project activities.
– Support the political process that will lead to the establishment of the Adriatic Euroregion
– Support the institutional plan from an operational and technical-administrative perspective, as a temporary structure, in view of the formalization of the bureaucratic administrative structures of the AE
– Prepare the work documents necessary for the setting up phase of the AE, such as the bylaws, the executive regulations, etc.
– Drafting periodic reports on the progress of project activities in accordance with the reports of WP coordinators
– Collection and dissemination of documents produced by the WPs and that will have to be approved by the Project Management Committee. All documents will be disseminated with the results of the communal work
– Monitor the correct technical-financial implementation of the project and report the activities to the managing ITC.