Community4Tourism is an Interreg Euro-MED Thematic Community project coordinated by the Barcelona Provincial Council and falls under the program’s  Mission “Enhancing Sustainable Tourism”.  It is a €5 million, seven-year project that aims to contribute to the EU Territorial Cooperation and its transnational dimension through the objectives included in the Programme and the main goals of Mission 4, related to the Enhancement of Sustainable Tourism in the MED Area and the transition towards a climate-neutral and resilient society.

The project is based upon the main objective of improving a better governance of cooperation, both policy governance and multi-sectoral, multi-level and transnational territorial governance, with a strong focus on environment and climate, promoting a smarter and greener Mediterranean, which is in line with the European Green Deal, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the Territorial Agenda 2030. The project is built upon the outputs of the Interreg MED 2014/2020 Sustainable Tourism and BleuTourMed Projects but reinforces its objectives to current new challenges.

Community4Tourism integrates the 4 Programme’s specific objectives, as tourism has shown to be a transversal issue in the MED area, involving all kinds of stakeholders, agents and territories. It will address its activities to pursue the consolidation of a competitive innovation ecosystem, support a circular economy, promote climate change adaptation, and enhance nature and biodiversity. As a result of its activities, it will come up with jointly developed solutions and promote cooperation across borders.

The project ensures also the necessary synergies with the Dialogue4Tourism, the other governance project of the tourism mission, and other Euro-MED initiatives and stakeholders to ensure the capitalisation of the project results in other territories, improve multi-level governance and contribute to supporting macro-regional and sea basin strategies in the basin.

The Adriatic Ionian Euroregion has a key role in the project as leader of the Trasfering Work Package and activities.

Coordinator: DIBA – Barcelona Provincial Council

University of Thessaly
Adriatic and Ionian Euroregion
Plan Bleu
University of Tirana

Total Project Budget: € 4.999.996,05
Programme: INTERREG Euro-MED
Project Duration: 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2029


Main role of AIE: Coordinator of WP Trasfering.
Contact Person: Andrea Di Girolamo –

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union