The AIE is organising two AI-NURECC INITIATIVE events this November.

On 4th and 5th November, the AIE and the CPMR, AI-NURECC coordinator, will co-organise a seminar on the role played by Multi-level and mulit-factor Governance in the EU policies and in local development policies of the Adriatic Ionian area. The seminar falls under the AI-NURECC Observatory on Multi-level Governance and aims to present the AI-NURECC Analyses on the state of play of multi-level and multi-factor governance in the EUSAIR area, elaborated by the Association of Universities of the Adriatic-Ionian area (UniAdrion). It also will aim at encouraging initiatives designed to facilitate the involvement of regional, local and civil society partners, within EUSAIR implementation.

The seminar will take place in Campobasso and will be hosted at University of Molise (venue: Sala “E. Fermi” – Library of the University of Molise, Viale Manzoni snc, 86100 Campobasso (IT).

Follow this link to register!

The agenda will be available soon.

On 19 November, the AIE, supported by the Regional Council of Tirana, will organise the first Adriatic Ionian Youth Organisations Forum. The event will be held in Tirana (AL).

As part of the AI-NURECC Initiative’s Youth Action, the Forum will be aimed at creating the conditions for the establishment of an open dialogue between Adriatic Ionian Youths and Youth Organisations and the structures and actors of the EUSAIR. It also will stimulate the creation and maintenance of channels of interaction among Adriatic Ionian Youth Organisations, so that they can mutually understand common challenges and find joint solutions.

Stay tuned for the agenda and registration link.