The Secretariat of the Euroregion will attend the event in Barcelona organised by PANACeA project. It is a Knowledge Sharing Event and Strategic Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Meeting from October 23rd to October 25th 2017.

PANACeA is a pan-Mediterranean initiative aiming at streamlining management efforts in Protected Areas for enhanced Nature Conservation & Protection in the Mediterranean Sea. The Project has led to the articulation of an EU Interreg Med Community focusing on Biodiversity Protection (the “MED Biodiversity Protection Community”), bringing together a comprehensive network of experts from public & private institutions actively working to protect biodiversity and natural ecosystems in Mediterranean Protected Areas. Filling the current gap between Science, Management and Policy is one of the priority targets of this EU MED Biodiversity Protection Community.

Based on this need, MedCities, as partner fo PANACeA, organises the upcoming “Knowledge Sharing Event & Community Building Workshop” in Barcelona (Spain) towards linking the needs of regional practitioners to researchers and to facilitate evidence-based policy making.

For more information, see the event website