From today, Croatia is officially part of European Union, becoming the twenty-eighth State of the EU. The 1st of July represents an historic day not only for the Balkan Country, but for the whole process of European integration. After Bulgaria and Romania, in fact, that had joined the EU in 2007, there have not been other access to the Union.

Croatia, now, begin to organize to catch all opportunities that may come from its new status as a member, especially in the tourism sector. Tourism, main source of wealth of the state – represents one fifth of its GDP – should have significant benefits with the speeding up of procedures for entry into the country. Big satisfaction is expressed by all the partners of Adriatic-Ionian Initiative, which have always strongly supported the slow process that led Croatia into the EU.

The President of Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion, Michele Iorio, welcomes the Country. “The entry of Croatia in the EU is an important innovation and encouraging for the future of the Union, but also for the Adriatic basin. The Euroregion lives, therefore, a time of celebration, because the various Croatian components of institutional network have reached a goal for which they have strongly worked. Many of the strategies that we have studied as Euroregion, will have better implementation and greater support from a new member of that big and ambitious dream that United Europe is. To the Croatian colleagues go the congratulations and best wishes from all members of the Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion”.