The Secretariat for European Affairs, Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, is organising the Roundtable “Youth and protection of the environment”. The online workshop is part of the events organised under the auspices of the Sixth Mediterranean Coast and Macro-regional Strategies Week 2021, an event traditionally organised to raise awareness about the sea and its hinterland, the natural and economic potential it boasts, as well as about the risks it has to face as a result of natural phenomena and human activities. The event brings together politicians, decision-makers, experts, civil society and interested public from all levels – local, regional, national and international.

The Roundtable “Youth and protection of the environment” is an outstanding opportunity for young people in North Macedonia and in the whole Adriatic Ionian region to spread awareness among young people about the importance of their actions for a cleaner, cooler and better world.

As discussions about the revision of the EUSAIR will start soon, the contribution of young people is paramount to make the right choices for our region.  Young people need  unceasing motivation to continue being the engine of changes, macro-regional approach being one of the ways for their further development.

Everyone from the Adriatic Ionian Youth Community is invited to join and actively participate in the round table to present their proposals for a greener and more biodiverse macro-region.

Registrations are open until 18/11 at this LINK

Additional information, as well as the registration link are available on the EUSAIR web page

Link to the updated agenda: Agenda-youth-v.2