President of Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion, Michele Iorio, has participated at the two days of meetings organised by Istrian Region in Pula, to  celebrate the entry of Croatia into European Union.

Istrian Region has meant, in fact, give birth to a big official event to celebrate the historic entry of Croatia in the European context and its becoming an equal partner with other traditional countries of the Union. They were invited, as guests of honor, leading figures of European institutions and governments – as the President Iorio – who over the years have distinguished themselves, together with their organizations, for international cooperation in the development and socio-cultural growth of Croatia.

President Iorio congratulated with the various institutions in highlighting how the satisfaction for the goal achieved by the Croats is certainly shared by all members of the Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion. “An important result – he said – the result of a concerted effort from all countries and each institution of Euroregion. Croatia is stronger and more directed towards a sustainable development, and this makes more incisive and determined the path of Euroregion and its components”.

Iorio also recalled that seven years ago, in these days, and just in Pula, he signed the official establishment of the Adriatic Euroregion. “For the first time – said the President – local authorities belonging to different countries which until a few years ago were divided by the “iron curtain” were gathered together to build a common future based on peace, mutual respect, and research on the interchange of elements of unity”. “We anticipate – said Iorio – what is now – in a larger and more formal context – happened with Croatia that entered into the EU. We demonstrated, with the Euroregion, that we could put aside differences to focus on common elements. In other words, we put into practice the European maxim “United in Diversity”. Encouraged by this positive experience, that led to the realization of many projects, we can say that Croatia’s entry will be a success for this country but for the entire European community”.