One step towards the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Macroregion: the contribution of the local and regional authorities


AdriGov aims to strength the institutional cooperation in the Adriatic-Ionian area. The project will define and implement an Adriatic governance operational plan, reinforcing the institutional cooperation and promoting a shared model of governance in the Adriatic and Ionian basin. 

The specific objective of AdriGov are as follows:

  • to contribute to the accession process into the European Union of Adriatic partner countries by: reinforcing their relations with the European institutions and relevant actors;
  • promoting EU legislation and acquis communautaire transposition; enhance the multi-level governance and the regional dimension of EU policies; 
  • to contribute to define the new cross border cooperation in post IPA programing period;
  • to define a pilot action on multilevel governance;
  • to improve the local authorities planning capacity, through training courses and experience exchanges in order to acquire specific skills concerning European project cycle management, structural funds management, fund raising and networking activities.

The kick-off meeting of AdriGov Project took place in Termoli (Italy) on 14th of January, 2013.

Main participants: Project partners, Representatives of the Adriatic Euroregion, Representatives of  the Governments, Representatives of the relevant Adriatic and Ionian Networks, Representative of EU institutions.

In the attached file you can find the meeting agenda, pratical information and the registration form.