Emilia Romagna Region (IT)


County of Fier (AL)
Hercegbosanska Zupanija (BiH)

The Commission for Environmental protection of the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion is aimed to promote policies dealing with the protection of the environment and sustainable development in the Adriatic ionian area.
Its core objective is the definition of a common Adriatic ionian Euroregion’s vision taking into account its socio-economic and environmental peculiarities in order to obtain an environmentally balanced area.

The Commission is supporting

  • The realization of concrete actions for exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of integrated management of Coastal areas, water quality, eurofization and climate change…
  • Data collection regarding the maritime environment, monitoring activities in order to strengthen the regional networks and research institutes.
  • The definition of strategies in line with the EU policy context
  • Start-up of studies and researches in the environmental field