The number of registered automobiles in 2002 was 740 277. The region has a total of 7422 km of roads, of which 352 km are motorways, 632 km are state roads, 1614 km are regional roads, and 4809 km are local roads. During 2001 there were 5130 automobile accidents with an average fatality rate of 3.1%, which is above the national average.
The total protected land area in the region of Abruzzo is 303 232 ha, which accounts for 10.8% of the national total. Of these, 219 404 ha are national parks, 17 782 ha are natural reserves protected by the state, 56 450 ha are regional nature parks, and 8509 ha are protected nature zones. The average annual amount of pollution measured by the amount of refuse per capita was 453.4 kg in 2000, while the average rate of garbage created by each resident was 566.9 kg in the same year.