The per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) experienced constant growth between 1995-2003. Consequently, the per capita GDP, expressed using market prices, was 17 000 EUR in 1995, and 24 000 EUR in 2003, which is above the national average. Unemployment in Abruzzo is in decline, and in 2001 was 5.7%, while the national average was 9.5%. Based on this information, growth in the region can be judged as positive. Gross investment is also on the rise in Abruzzo, and increased between 1995 and 2000, when they totalled 23% of the GDP. The foreign trade balance is positive, with regional exports totalling 5.5 billion EUR and regional imports totalling 3.9 billion EUR in 2002, with a net export rate of 9% of the GDP.
The strongest economic sectors of the region in 2001 were agriculture, industry (manufacturing and construction) and the service industry, so that there were 29 000 people employed in agriculture, 156 000 employed in industry, and 284 000 employed in other industries. Looking at the structure of economic activities, the largest number of business are active in agriculture and fishing, manufacturing, commerce and the service industry.