The proportion of road infrastructure is 17.9 in an area of 100 square kilometres. The number of registered automobiles in 1998 was 581.4 per kilometre of road. The region has a total of 11 630 km of roads, of which 313 km are motorways (9% of the total roads in the region), 1664 km are state roads, 1413 km are regional roads, and 8240 km are local roads. For every 100 000 inhabitants, the region has 84.8 km of road. During 2000 there were 5840 automobile accidents with 373 fatalities (an average rate of 6.39%).
The total protected land area in the region of Puglia is 128 765 ha, which accounts for 4.5% of the national total or 3.2 ha per 100 inhabitants of the region. Of these, 118 144 ha are national parks, 9906 ha are natural reserves protected by the state, and 125 ha are regional nature parks. Forests cover 116 407 ha of the region. The average annual amount of pollution measured by the amount of refuse per capita was 435.1 kg in 2000, while the average rate of garbage created by each resident was 710.9 kg.