Category: The Region of Marche


Tourism is one of the most important economic activities and sources of employment in the region of Marche. In 2003, 2 095 000 tourists visited the region, of which 346 000, or 16%, were foreigners. In that same year, 13 419 000...

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Agriculture and Fishing

In 2000, the total number of farms in the agriculture industry was 66 283, largely made up of family farms whose primary economic activity is agriculture. The total amount of arable land in that same year was 707 472 hectares,...

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Macroeconomic Trends

The per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been experiencing constant growth since 1996. Consequently, the per capita GDP, expressed in market prices, was 17 436 EUR in 1996, and 21 459 EUR in 2001 which is above the...

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Territory and Demographic Trends

The Region of Marche encompasses an area of 9964.06 square kilometres and is divided into 246 townships. It has a population of 1 484 601 people, with an average population density of 153 inhabitants per square kilometre. Since...

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