Category: The Region of Abruzzo


Tourism is one of the most important economic activities and sources of employment in the region of Abruzzo. During 2003, 1 344 054 tourists visited Abruzzo, of which 189 254, or 14%, were foreigners. In that same year, 6 856...

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Agriculture and Fishing

Agriculture accounts for 4.5% of the economy in Abruzzo, and employed 29 000 people in 2001. In 2000, the total number of farms in the agriculture industry was 82 833, largely made up of family farms whose primary economic...

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Macroeconomic Trends

The per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) experienced constant growth between 1995-2003. Consequently, the per capita GDP, expressed using market prices, was 17 000 EUR in 1995, and 24 000 EUR in 2003, which is above the...

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