President of Abruzzo Region (Italy)



Luciano D’Alfonso born on 13 December 1965 in Lettomanoppello, has served as the President of Abruzzo since 2014. He was also the mayor of Pescara from 2003-2009.




Regional Council of Tirana (Albania)

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Aldrin Dalipi was born in October 3, 1970 in Vlora. He lives in Tirana, is married with two children. He completed his university studies in Academy of Arts in Tirana and later graduated with a degree in Law. He started his career in the field of pedagogy, teaching arts at the high school education level. Later he focused to journalism and public communications.

In August 2002, Mr. Dalipi was appointed as Spokesperson of Council of Ministers and Prime Minister of Albania, a position that he held until September 2005. Subsequently until 2011, Aldrin Dalipi was heavily involved as a director in TV media, news agencies and the field of Public Relations.During the local elections of 2010, Mr. Dalipi was elected member of Municipality Council of the capital, Tirana, where he subsequently led the Socialist Party members of this Council.

In 2012 Mr. Dalipi was elected by majority vote of the Council as the President of the Municipality Council of Tirana, a position he held until the end of the term in 2015. During his time as President of the Tirana’s Municipality Council, he led the establishment of Association of Municipality Council members of Albania, together with other Council members, an organization that is still active and led by him. Under his leadership, the Municipality Council of Tirana has achieved the approval of significant decisions, through stable political dialogue and communication between the diverse political groups within the Council, representing the common interests of citizens.

By mid 2014, after local elections were held in Albania, Aldrin Dalipi was re-elected member of the Municipality Council of Tirana and to his position of President of this Council. In October 2015 he was elected President of Tirana’s Region Council, by unanimous vote of the elected members of this Council.

Mr. Dalipi career has been marked by a continued interest in expanding his experience base as has been amply demonstrated by his active participation at international seminars, workshops and courses throughout Europe and the USA, on public communication and election administration.

Throughout his career, Mr. Dalipi has successfully represented Albania in the international official events as part of high level Albanian representatives. Specifically his activities within Albania and abroad have included among other things, as guest speaker and as a contributing member in various meetings and other activities.